Perl for TiVo Series 2

It took a while for me to figure out how to build this sucker for TiVo, because Perl has a different build process than most other Unix programs and I had to manually tell it all the right config settings for the TiVo MIPS. And it kept wanting to run the miniperl and perl binaries that it just built to do tests, but that doesn’t work when you’re cross-compiling so I had to keep renaming the binaries and replacing them with versions from my system. Eventually, I got it to build, but I haven’t done very extensive testing of it – just very, very simple stuff. My hope is that this will open up TiVo hacking to more people – i.e.: people who don’t know or don’t like Tcl and prefer Perl.

Perl 5.8.5 for TiVo Series 2

Update 2005-01-28: You might also need the following shared libraries if you don’t already have them on your TiVo:

tivo libdl and libnsl.rar

Thanks to dressen who pointed that out here:

dressen’s post on forums

5 thoughts on “Perl for TiVo Series 2

  1. Man, to me you are GOD. I’ve always loved perl, always hated tcl, never had the time (but did have the desire) to do this myself. Talk about opening up new worlds…

  2. Glad you like it! That was my hope – that this would open up TiVo hacking to a wider audience. All I ask is that if you do anything cool with it, please send me a note and let me know…

  3. Will these binaries work on a second generation Buffalo LinkStation NAS (i.e. the one with a MIPS processor). i’m trying to get slimserver working on it.

  4. Does anyone have an answer for this? I am also trying to get slimserver working on Linkstation II.

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