Got Telnet working to my TiVo Series 1!

Yesterday, I took the A drive out of Series 1 TiVo and put it in my PC , booted Knoppix, and did a backup using “dd” (mfstool would not work for me, presumably because my TiVo Series 1 has two drives and mfstool probably needs to see both to do a proper backup…?) piped via nc to a (cygwin) nc listening on Nicole’s computer which wrote the 13 GB backup file to my Maxtor OneTouch II external hard drive (this roundabout way of doing the backup was necessary because my drives all use NTFS, which Linux cannot write to. Then I used the TurboNet CD (burned from an ISO that I downloaded from silicondust) and ran /nic_install/nic_install turbonet and setup the TiVo to use a static IP. After putting the drive back in the TiVo, I am able to telnet to the TiVo. 🙂 Oddly, there was no “ls” command so I had to download a copy of busybox for Series 1, and then I did mount -o remount,rw /dev/hda4 / to remount the root drive as writable and then I did a mkdir /devbin and copied all of the busybox binaries into that directory. Unfortunately, the “ls” is not color and I am addicted to color so I will have to find a better version. And then I’ll have to setup a Series 1 cross-compiler, so that I can compile all of my favorite programs for it…. And I’ll have to setup one of my BEFSR41’s, so that I can have both of my TiVos networked via my WAP54G… And then TiVoWebPlus, mfs_ftp, etc., etc…..

The other big problem is that although the networking is working, the daily “call” over the TurboNet is still failing with “service unavailable” so I will have to figure that out. Hopefully now that I have a bash prompt, I should be able to find some clues in the error logs in /var/log

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