Great Thunderbird Extensions


This site has some great extensions that I haven’t seen before. My biggest find here was an extension that allows you to Fcc – in other words, while composing your message, you can designate that it will get saved in a particular folder (other than your default “Sent” folder) – this is great if you’re delegating a task to someone and thus want to file your email to them in a @Wait (or @Delegated) folder so that you can check your open loops periodically. There are some other great extensions at this site, like one that allows you to use shortcut keys to quickly move messages to folders of your choosing and another that lets you edit the subject and date of messages.

Obfuscating your email address

This page has an excellent tool for obfuscating your email address using JavaScript and encoding tricks, so that you can display your email address on your page without it getting easily harvested by spam robots.

It’s kind of interesting to me, because the approach is basically mimicking the same kind of tricks that spammers use in their emails to defeat Bayesian filters.