Il Pesto Besto

Had pasta with pesto tonight. It’s quick, easy, and delicious. We’ve tried a couple of brands and found this one to be the best:

Armanino Frozen Pesto

All you do is take the box out of the freezer and dump the frozen pesto puck into a saucepan and warm it for a few minutes until it defrosts.

Going to try Bluetooth

I’ve been syncing my Palm with my laptop over a retractable USB cable, but it recently stopped working (perhaps it got damaged in my pocket?). Since my Palm has Bluetooth, I went ahead and ordered a Linksys USB Bluetooth dongle from Newegg. It was $40 which is not the cheapest, but it’s supposed to have a 300 foot range or something ridiculous like that – a lot better than most other adapters. So hopefully when it arrives in a couple of days, I will be wirelessly syncing, even with my Palm in my pocket. If it really works well, I may be tempted to get a second one for the office.