Yahoo! Search Sidebar for Firefox

This Firefox extension adds a “Yahoo! Search” item in Firefox’s View | Sidebar
menu (Alt+Y is the shortcut key) that opens a sidebar tailored for Web searching with Yahoo! Search. It’s using JavaScript to access Yahoo’s Web Services API.

Yahoo! Search Sidebar screenshot

Check out my Yahoo! Search Sidebar for Firefox.

Direct download link on my sourceforge site

I’m working on getting this added to Mozilla Update. Here’s the "bug report"

7 thoughts on “Yahoo! Search Sidebar for Firefox

  1. Marc, I installed this and am impressed however, using FF 1.0.1 I keep getting a lock up and the following alert ..
    “Exception error while reading XML (i=indefined;start=undefined;end=undefined)TypeError:resultSet has no properties”

    It may be of some use to you, however it has forced me to uninstall the sidebar 🙁
    Good luck with it

  2. Thanks for leaving a pointer to this on my blog. Will try it out ASAP.

    Some thoughts though. Why did you need to use Javascript to access the API? Isn’t it possible to achieve the same effect using the standard MyCroft approach? resultListStart, resultItemStart are much cleaner to define now – just use the xml tag.

    Or am I missing something? 🙂

  3. Arrgh, damn thing doesn’t even work. I installed it, then restarted FF only to find that the sidebar doesn’t start up, or appear on your toolbar for easy access, for that matter.

    Help? Thanks.

  4. Harry, you looked for “Yahoo! Search” in the View | Sidebar menu? Does it show up in the list of installed extensions? If yes and yes, then I may need to reinspect the .xpi file, because I have it working in FF 1.0.4 on Windows. Also, do you have Windows, Mac, or UNIX?

  5. Oops…oh s*it. Sorry for the tone I assumed, and yes, I just found it on the View: Sidebar section.

    And yes, I do have Windows (XP). Sure wish I had a Mac, though.

    BTW, about the look of the Yahoo! Search: it looks a bit…well…dry for a sidebar (I’m still trying to find a YIM sidebar for Firefox, like how the accursed IE6 has it (and not too distant from the possession of both AIM and ICQ on Netscape’s My Sidebar).

    Thanks for the pointer, and again, sorry if it sounded like an affront to you.

  6. No problem. Glad you figured it out. I don’t know of a Yahoo Messenger sidebar for Firefox but I never really looked as I don’t like have my browser and IM integrated.

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