Got Zoidberg working

After quite a bit of futzing around, I got Zoidberg working. I had mentioned here that I had installed it, but that the cd command wasn’t working.

Well, here’s what I did…

11:49 marca@shifter:~$ mkdir .zoid
11:49 marca@shifter:~$ cp -R /home/y/var/yinst/.cpan/share/zoid/plugins ~/.zoid/plugins
11:49 marca@shifter:~$ zoid
Using Term::ReadLine::Perl for input
we suggest you use Term::ReadLine::Zoid
INPUT> pwd
INPUT> cd /
INPUT> pwd

I then had to do a bit of manual copying (from /home/y/var/yinst/.cpan/lib to /home/y/lib/perl5/5.6.1) to get Term::ReadLine::Zoid and Env::PS1 to install in my unique environment. The result is:

14:52 marca@shifter:~/share$ zoid
--[ This is the Zoidberg shell ]--[ Version 0.93 ]--
### This is a development version, consider it unstable
marca@shifter 14:52 /home/marca/share$ ls
aaronw   hamilton ps       shivr
marca@shifter 14:52 /home/marca/share$ cd ps
marca@shifter 14:52 /home/marca/share/ps$ ls
marca@shifter 14:52 /home/marca/share/ps$ cd ports
marca@shifter 14:52 /home/marca/share/ps/ports$ ls

Of course this isn’t very interesting because I haven’t done anything Perlish with it yet, but at least I have it in a usable state. I’ll play with the Perl syntax later…

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