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  1. i just started http://www.pvrtracker.com and love your website. Do you think yahoo is going to catch up with google in terms of having their engineering departments so decentralised. ?? just curious. Oh and what do you think about terry semel i read an article about him on business2.0 and it seems hes not that of a tech businessman when it comes to yahooligans. what do you think. please drop me a line and your creative critism on my blog is welcome. THanks

  2. Thanks, Nicholas, glad you enjoy my web site. I’m biased of course but I do have a lot of faith that Yahoo! is going to be doing a LOT of innovation. I’ve seen a lot of cool stuff happening lately and I think people and the press are picking up on it (for an example, check out http://www.gigaom.com/2005/03/26/how-yahoo-got-its-mojo-back/). As far as Semel, maybe when he first joined, people were worried that he came from Warner Bros. which is media; not technology. But it doesn’t concern me because:

    1) Yahoo! has a strong media component, in addition to the technology.
    2) We have plenty of strong technical people too.
    3) You can’t argue with results. Yahoo! has done very well in the past few years.

  3. Well i am glad to see that you are confident enough to back Yahoo. It scares me to think about the past( remember yahoo was supposed to buy google, ebay (the list is endless) but the recent aquisition of Flickr totally supports what you are saying. There is a story about semel in business2.com about semel that made him look like pinocchio, although the recent acquisitions have proved otherwise. The one thing i would love to see from yahoo engineers, something that i have admired since i started using the net in africa(about 8 yrs ago) is that yahoo has cult engineers who never let it stray. But google is a lil bug that seems to be mutating even faster than users can muster. lol maps.google.com god i would love to see yahoo intergrate flickr and really take off. revamp yahoo mail and yahoo maps. I guess what i am trying to see in some simple words dont underestimate google. lol you guys need to mutate, not evolve, mutate like you have been hit by gamma rays. Screw what om malik and the rest are saying just run like your tail is on fire. I love the new yahoo news.

  4. this is very good thing you all got going. and it is free . will we be told that and run in to places where you have to pay to get it or extend the programs sites ect.. i hope you say no that it is truthful totally free . and i got a ideal on how you can advertise your site address but it may or maynot cost to do it. print bumper stickers with the address on it and either offer them for a small fee or give them free. well it was just a ideal. but i love all you are doing with http//next yahoo.com and omn. org

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