Know thyself

Yahoo! Personals is offering a free Personality Test. It’s a fun little, Flash-based test that takes only about 10 minutes to complete and then you get a report which tells you aboout your personality type and what type of personality types would make good mates for you. You don’t even need to login to Yahoo! to take it.

Yahoo! Personals

Disclaimer: I work for Yahoo! Personals and I also get a referral fee if you complete this test.

Finished “One Thing at a Time book

Just finished this book:

One Thing at a Time : 100 Simple Ways to Live Clutter-Free Every Day

It was OK, but not as good as I had originally hoped from my scan at the bookstore. Basically, it’s a bunch of tips for getting your life more organized – some are lame and some are quite good. Perhaps my favorite is her idea of getting an “in basket” that you put in your kitchen or near your front door to grab all the mail and miscellaneous crap that you bring in the house instead of letting it spread all over your kitchen table and counters, etc… In fact, David Allen recommends the same in the Getting Things Done Fast CD’s that I am currently listening to. My wife and I bought an “in basket” and it really does help corral all the miscellaneous things that used to take up the whole kitchen table. Amazing what happens when you just set aside a particular space to contain something…

Cygwin tips

Cygwin resources:

If you’re attempting to ssh to a Cygwin box that is on a Windows domain and you get immediately logged out – e.g.:

Last login: Wed Jan  5 17:57:36 2005 from
You are successfully logged in to this server!!!
Connection to closed. 

Then try these Cygwin-specific commands:

mkpassword -lc 
mkgroup -lc