I got my Treo 650!

My Treo 650 arrived yesterday so I may be blogging less for a while…

My initial impressions are very good (although I haven’t yet activated the phone – I bought an unlocked model from PalmOne so I’m not tied to a carrier, will be able to use Bluetooth DUN without hacks, and be able to use European SIM cards when I’m on vacation in Europe).

Things I like:

  • The 5-way navigation in the built-in applications is impressive – you can do most things without taking out the stylus, which has always been one of pet peeves with earlier PDAs.
  • The screen is beautiful – the color of it actually looks more vibrant than my T2 and I thought that screen was beautiful when I bought it.
  • There are little niceties like an actual ringer switch (on my Nokia 3360 I have to press the awkward power button and then select from a menu).


  • I can edit the buttons on the phone screen, but I can’t delete some of the built-in ones like RealPlayer (I’m going to use Pocket Tunes anyway).

I’ve already done some mods. The Treo is voice memo capable but doesn’t come with a voice memo app like my T2. I remedied that by using Filez to beam over the Voice Memo app – works like a charm except that there is no one button record and the 5-way navigator doesn’t work. I’ll have to see how annoying this proves to be and if it is, I might try SoundRec (free) or mVoice ($24.99). While I was in Filez, I beamed over Notepad too. Check out this page for a list of what apps from other devices work on the Treo. This is good to know because some apps will crash your device.

So, a question for all you Treo owners out there… What are the essential apps that I need to get?

PearPC and Darwin

So the pager went off again last night and woke me up. While I was waiting to see if a very long bzip operation would resolve the issue satisfactorally, I had a bit of time on my hands….

First, I downloaded PearPC, which is a PowerPC architecture hardware emulator, OS not included.

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Editing Firefox textareas with vim

I don’t know about you, but I hate editing any non-trivial amount of text in an HTML form. Sometimes the window is pretty small and you don’t have a lot of editing power. Here’s how I made it so that I can edit those textareas with vim

  1. Install Firefox
  2. Install vim
  3. Install MozEX (special version; not one from mozex.mozdev.org)
  4. Go to the options for MozEX and change the textarea editor to:
    C:\Progra~1\Vim\vim63\gvim.exe %t
  5. Note that long filenames don’t work, you have to use the DOS-style 8.3 names, which you can get from using DIR /X at the command prompt.

Obviously, if you don’t like vim, you can apply this to whatever other editor you like as long as you pay attention to the note about having to use DOS-style 8.3 names.

If you’re more of an Emacs person, then check out this other post of mine. Yes, I use both vim and Emacs. Somebody’s got to bridge the gap between the zealots… 🙂