Favelet Suite

An amazing set of bookmarklets/favelets for doing web devvy things.

Favelet Suite.

From the web page:

This is a favelet that combines most of my development favelets. When invoked, a div element will appear in the top left corner of your browser window with a list of all the favelets I’ve included. Simply click the link you want to invoke the favelet. An “info” icon is available to take you to the favelets information page here on slayeroffice.

Included in the suite:

  • Color List
  • Document Tree Chart*
  • HTML Attribute Viewer
  • HTTP Header Viewer
  • Hidden Field Modifier
  • Javascript Object Tree*
  • Mouseover DOM Inspector
  • Object Dimensions
  • Page Info
  • Remove Children
  • Resize Fonts
  • Ruler**
  • Show Source
  • Style Sheet Tweak*
  • Style Sheet Viewer*

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