I got my Treo 650!

My Treo 650 arrived yesterday so I may be blogging less for a while…

My initial impressions are very good (although I haven’t yet activated the phone – I bought an unlocked model from PalmOne so I’m not tied to a carrier, will be able to use Bluetooth DUN without hacks, and be able to use European SIM cards when I’m on vacation in Europe).

Things I like:

  • The 5-way navigation in the built-in applications is impressive – you can do most things without taking out the stylus, which has always been one of pet peeves with earlier PDAs.
  • The screen is beautiful – the color of it actually looks more vibrant than my T2 and I thought that screen was beautiful when I bought it.
  • There are little niceties like an actual ringer switch (on my Nokia 3360 I have to press the awkward power button and then select from a menu).


  • I can edit the buttons on the phone screen, but I can’t delete some of the built-in ones like RealPlayer (I’m going to use Pocket Tunes anyway).

I’ve already done some mods. The Treo is voice memo capable but doesn’t come with a voice memo app like my T2. I remedied that by using Filez to beam over the Voice Memo app – works like a charm except that there is no one button record and the 5-way navigator doesn’t work. I’ll have to see how annoying this proves to be and if it is, I might try SoundRec (free) or mVoice ($24.99). While I was in Filez, I beamed over Notepad too. Check out this page for a list of what apps from other devices work on the Treo. This is good to know because some apps will crash your device.

So, a question for all you Treo owners out there… What are the essential apps that I need to get?

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