SFO to Rome

The day arrived – the day that we leave for Europe. We’re hanging around Italy (mostly the Amalfi Coast), then going to Tuscany for Andy and Erin’s wedding, and then heading to Spain. This is our second trip to Italy (our first one was in September of 2004) and our first trip to Spain.

Nicole’s parents drove us to SFO. Our flight from SFO to EWR was a bit late so when we deplaned, they were calling our names on the airport loudspeaker. Luckily, the gate for our flight from EWR to Rome was literally next door so were able to quickly board. Along with another couple, we were the last people to board the plane. During the course of the two flights, I read many pages of a book that had been on my nightstand for a few months called Arab & Jew. Nicole watched In Good Company, Are We There Yet, and about 10 minutes of White Chicks, before she realized how horrific it was. Neither of us had realized before that it was a blatant parody of the Hilton sisters.

Our flight got in late to Newark and we just barely made our connection to Rome.

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