Firenze and Lucca

The food market

In Florence, we took Nicole’s parents to see the amazing, huge indoor food market at Piazza del Mercato Centrale. This place is amazing – meat, produce, and seafood everywhere, and the biggest wheels of parmigiano reggiano that I’ve ever seen. A lot of really delicious looking stuff and also a lot of gross stuff like tripe, pig heads, and chicken heads.

Then we went with Nicole’s parents to Lucca. We took the Lazzi bus to Lucca (the Lazzi bus is adjacent to the train station).


Lucca is a nice, but sleepy little town. Other than a few churches there’s not a lot of tourist sites.


We ate at a nice, homey little restaurant called L’Antico Sigillo. I had risotto ai funghi (risotto with mushrooms). Quite hearty and good. The guy who ran the restaurant spoke no English but I was able to get everything across with my basic Italian.

Nicole and I and her parents both got pottery at a nice little shop owned by a Scottish woman. The woman agreed to ship our stuff together in one box, to save on the cost of shipping.

Back in Florence

Back in Florence, we had dinner at Daganino near Piazza Cimatori. I had an excellent carbonara. Nicole had tomato bread soup – very good (but not as good as the ribbolita at Il Latini). Her parents had a pasta e fagioli soup which they really liked as well. Then we had the polpette (meatballs) in tomato sauce which we loved so much last time. Best meatballs ever. We were very full and very hot.

We tried to go to Vivoli for gelato and found it but it turns out that it’s closed on Monday.


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