What’s your workflow for transferring, organizing, and uploading digital images?

Just curious what steps people take to get their photos off their cards
and on to their computers, renamed and organized into folders,
captioned, and uploaded to one or more services like Yahoo! Photos and

I’m in the midst of doing this now for a recent trip and every time I go
through this, I find the process to be grossly inefficient and
aggravating. I think if I just picked one tool, like Adobe Photoshop
Album or Picasa or iPhoto and trusted it to do everything, it would be
easier, but I hate the idea of being locked into something or losing
them to a drive failure and so I like to have the photos on my computer
(and backed up to an external hard drive and DVDs as well) and uploaded
to Yahoo! Photos and Flickr for sharing and blogging.

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Last throes

While watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I was really struck by how ridiculous politics can be.

Dick Cheney was quoted as saying that the Iraqi insurgency was in its “last throes” and then General Abizaid indicated that there was a lot more work to do. Cheney and Rumsfeld were trying to defend the “last throes” remark on TV and they were totally concentrating on splitting hairs with the meaning of the word “throes” and how throes can be violent and not necessarily calm. But the thing is, I don’t think anyone was really questioning the “throes” part of the remark – heck, it’s pretty obvious that what’s going on in Iraq now is not calm 🙂 The debate was about the “last” I’d say; not the “throes”. But it’s interesting how you can apparently just answer a different question and steer the discussion in another direction and no one really notices. 🙂


Cheney defends Iraq insurgency last throes remark