San Gimignano and the wedding

Today was the day of the wedding, but we were hoping to squeeze in a quick trip to San Gimignano and make it back in time for the wedding.

After breakfast and after going down and up and down and up we found Jon & Ago in the parking lot. Went up to Jon’s room and tried to use the Treo to book his car rental in Albany but gave up and instead just looked up the phone #’s for Budget Rent-a-car and CapitalOne. I hope that I didn’t rack up too many data charges.

At 12 pm, Ago drove us to San Gimignano, passing through Castellina and Poggibonsi . We got to San Gimignano at 1:00 pm. It was difficult to park there (the public lots were all full), but we lucked out and found somebody leaving a primo spot on the street.

San Gimignano

1:26 pm Leather purse store – Nicole found the leather purse she was looking for and bought it.
1:29 pm Piazza Della Cisterna, Piazza del Duomo
1:32 pm Lunch At RiccaPizza
1:50 pm Bought some postcards
punto panoramica
We skipped Museo Della Tortura (museum of torture)
At 2:25 pm, we left San Gimignano.
At 3:38 pm, we got back to Villa Vignamaggio and had to shower, shave, and get dressed super quick before the wedding at 4 pm.

The Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was beautiful. Words wouldn’t really do it justice, so here are some photos:

The Wedding Reception

By the pool

By the pool, we had:

  • crostini with pate
  • skewers with bacon and figs
  • bruschetta
  • proscuitto e melone
  • foccacia with tomatoes
  • salami slices

At the dinner table

Our table: Marc, Nicole, Nicci, Craig, Jon, Gill, Caroline, Ago

While handing Gill’s camera back to her, I got the strap caught on my hand and it dropped and hit a glass and the batteries fell into the glass of water. Her camera still worked so I guess it’s ok to stick batteries in water. Later when Allan told us to make sure our glasses were charged for a toast, it had special significance to us and we all laughed.

A kamikaze bug flew into Nicci’s eye and she had the leg stuck in her eye and she had to go to the bathroom to get it out. Another kamikaze bug smacked into my forehead.

The dinner was great and included:

  • zucchini potato thing
  • crepe with pecorino and pears
  • beef with truffle sauce and salad
  • wedding cake
  • homemade chocolate truffles
  • 3 different chiantis
  • grapa


  • Boori (the MC and quite hilarious)
  • Allan (Andy’s brother)
  • Erin’s dad, Ray
  • Andy
  • GG
  • Michael Dean
  • some cousin of Erin’s
  • Sara
  • Anton
  • James

There were many hours of dancing. The music was all courtesy of DJ Erin.

We stayed at the wedding until 3 am and went to sleep around 3:15 am, which was a bit silly considering that we had a flight that morning from Firenze to Barcelona 🙂

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