GtD internal mailing list

I’ve enjoyed exploring GtD, but I’ve found in the past that sometimes when I share my enthusiasm for next actions and what not with people, their eyes glaze over. Some people really take a liking to this stuff and some people don’t find it interesting at all. So I’ve wondered in the back of my mind for a while, how can I share my knowledge of GtD with people in my organization without beating them over the head with it and annoying people?

Luckily anybody in my organization can setup an internal mailing list very easily so that’s what I did. And then I announced it on some other peripherally related lists, so that interested folks could opt in if they wanted to and other folks could just ignore it. Perhaps a blog would’ve been an even better choice (it’s more hip at the very least), but this was easier and we’ll see how it works for the time being.

There are almost 50 folks subscribed at this point, which is better than I expected.

Something to consider doing if you want to share best practices with folks in your organization.


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