3 thoughts on “Got XpressMail working again

  1. Marc,

    I hope you don’t mind taking a question. I recently starting using xpressmail for my corp email as well. For the most part, it seems pretty slick. However, I have noticed a small problem. Whenever I get certain file attachments (I have notice this with WAV files and GIF files) I am told that the software doesn’t support the downloading of these filetypes.

    Have you seen this, or do you know of a way around this? I guess I figured that as long as you had some kind of software that recognizes the attachment, it would let you use the file, or else, you could at least save the attachment to the Treo and then open it separate of Xpressmail.

    Any ideas?


  2. Hi Tim. Honestly I don’t know the answer. I don’t deal with many attachments. Does this help at all?

  3. Using Audiovox SMT 5600 Cingular Xpressmail PE

    Been testing for about a week, 8 hours with tech support. At this point, it seems to be a connectivity issue between the desktop client and Cingular. I will be able to receive emails for a short period of time and then they stop.

    If I “disconnect” and then “connect” at my desktop, and then do a “send/receive” on my phone it works again.

    This does make the service rather worthless.

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