Another day, another WordPress upgrade – WordPress Available

Damn, a lot of WordPress security exploits uncovered lately.

Just upgraded to the latest WordPress security patch release. I’m not wasting any time in upgrading since my site was hacked.

WordPress Development Blog › WordPress Available

After I copy the new WordPress files, I have to remember to repatch the files that I’ve messed with – not too bad, since I keep the patches in a central place.

Big Box

When I arrived at the office today, there was a huge box on my chair. I had almost forgotten that Nicole and I had ordered a ceramic pitcher when we were in Lucca, Italy almost a month ago… 60% off

If you like to eat, you may be interested in this…

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  • Hurry, this offer ends Thursday, June 30, 2005.

iTunes 4.9 with podcasting

As it was rumored, Apple released iTunes 4.9 today with podcasting built-in. Too bad, I can’t seem to find any decent podcasts.

I’ll update at some point and check it out, although I’m not looking forward to doing the usual hacking around to get iTunes to install on my PC without hanging on the QuickTime check/install. At least last time, I wrote it down, so this time it hopefully won’t be as much of a bear, as long as the results are repeatable.