McDonald’s: “Go big or go home”

McDonald's: "Go big or go home"

McDonald’s: "Go big or go home",
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Shortly after the movie “Supersize Me” came out, McDonald’s eliminated supersized meals, supposedly unrelated to the movie and presumably in the interest of Americans’ health (yeah, right).

Well that health kick lasted long…

Eureka – Take 2

Eureka - Take 2
Eureka – Take 2,
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Saturday 7:37 am. Time for Eureka: Take 2, after our ill-fated attempt yesterday.

7:40 am. We’ve got the suit and dress this time but Nicole just realized that we left the directions on my desk yesterday when we returned. We’re just at Starbucks around the corner, so we can recover from this one pretty easily.

8:08 am. Got the directions. Got gas and cash from the local 76 station. We’re on the road again…

Amanda’s birthday @ LGBC

Amanda's birthday @ LGBC

Amanda's birthday @ LGBC

Amanda's birthday @ LGBC

Amanda’s birthday @ LGBC,
originally uploaded by msabramo.

The one good thing about not going to Eureka today was that we got to go to Nicole’s friend Amanda’s birthday at the Los Gatos Brewing Company. I had a BBQ bacon cheeseburger and Nicole had an excellent halibut (“just for the halibut”, as I am fond of saying). I entertained Nicole’s friend Eugene’s 6 month old, Jonah. There was a guy at the bar with tatoos that somebody was convinced was Lex from Survivor, but I don’t think it was him. I asked Amanda’s husband Dan (who worked at Seven) about my XpressMail problem and he suggested reinstalling the Palm software.

We are sooo stupid

Nicole just realized that we forgot to bring our nice clothes to the wedding. Doh! !$#@?@#! We had hung them on the rod in the closet while packing the suitcase and in our previously mentioned hungry, cranky stupor, forgot to ever take it with us. So in San Rafael, we turned right around and are heading back home.

Now it’s 5 pm and we’re in San Francisco and the question is – Do we pick up the clothes and get back on the road and get to Eureka after midnight? Or do we just call today a wash and stay at home today and leave tomorrow morning?

XpressMail error S7218

For the past few days, I haven’t been able to get Cingular XpressMail (powered by Seven) on my Treo 650 to fetch my work email. It fetches my Yahoo email with no problems but when I try to check my corporate email, it seems to successfully connect to the server, but then while syncing changes, it fails with “Error S7218: Please click OK and try again.”. It’s been doing this for a few days. The PC software is running and seems to have no problem connecting to my IMAP server. Any ideas?

Update 2005-06-25: I took Dan’s advice and deleted the Palm client and reinstalled. Now I get error S7203 while it is trying to negotiate with the server to generate the encryption keys.

Update 2005-06-27: I tried upgrading the desktop client on my work PC from to and that didn’t help. I tried reinstalling the Palm app and that did nothing. Then figuring that maybe I have some bad preferences, I deleted the Palm app and reinstalled it. Now I’m getting “Error S7123: A server operation caused an error. If the problem persists, contact support.”. So I retried 2 or 3 times and then finally I got it to work at least once. Yay!

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