Skyped out

I hadn’t talked to my parents in a while and I had some SkypeOut credits and I wanted to test out my new Cardo Systems scala-500 Bluetooth headset:

I easily paired the headset with the Linksys USBBT100 Bluetooth USB dongle

plugged into my PC and configured Skype to use it.

Sound quality was fantastic and it was really nice to talk with the wireless headset. I still have 09.52 EUR left in my SkypeOut account and I will definitely be using this for future calls, since at 1.7 Euro cents (roughly around 2 U.S. cents) per minute, it is much cheaper than my AT&T long-distance phone service.

This was on Windows – maybe next time I’ll try to use the headset with the built-in Bluetooth in my PowerBook and see how that works.

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One thought on “Skyped out

  1. OK, now you have to bring by my cube sometime this week so I can be jealous of how much better audio quality it has over my sucky and much-more-expensive bodyglove-branded i-forget-the-details POS headset.

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