Software engineer job opportunity in Pasadena, CA

Take RSS to the next level. Enhance the Publisher experience. Develop, experiment & learn how to monetize XML syndication.

Bring your drive, passion, creativity, experience, curiosity, and sense of adventure to one of the most competitive teams at Yahoo! Brainstorm creative new cost effective platforms to meet ridiculous capacity, performance, business optimization, relevance and scalability goals.

Apply your knowledge to broad architectural and business goals, create those architectures and those goals, drive the business. Know how to cross pollinate ideas to change the landscape. Make intractable problems tractable. Make those you work with more effective.

If you’re excited by insane scaling latency capacity requirements and can think up solutions to complex problems with low milliseconds time constraints whilst serving a billion searches a day you’re close. If you’re Bayesian statistics savvy and are intrigued and challenged by the hidden meanings in the web then you should talk to us. If this makes you nervous don’t waste our time.


Deliver functional high capability systems that meet architectural, performance and design goals. Drive test driven development lifecycles that provides zero defect, perfect quality, high performance systems to production.

Be prepared to do what it takes to win.



  • Mature team player able to absorb divergent, possibly conflicting ideas and find the optimal solution
  • Creative flexible curious thinker with broad experience from which to draw novel solutions and new solution patterns
  • Understanding of XML Syndication (RSS, Atom) and the blogsphere
  • Experience with advanced development process methodologies
  • Experience with large scale system design that are optimal for large scale operations, systems scaling and capacity
  • Capable of complex system dependency analysis and decoupling
  • Ability to analyze system and business processes for capability extraction and abstraction
  • Ability to abstract core capabilities to reusable components
  • Ability to communicate designs both written and verbal
  • Ability to analyze business needs and distill to technical solutions
  • Insane attention to detail
  • Detailed system performance analysis capabilities
  • C++/C low level server precision coding


  • Broad experience with multiple technologies
  • Highly scalable distributed system experience
  • Kernel level coding expertise
  • DB design expertise
  • Semantic content analysis expertise
  • Experience in IR
  • Bayesian statistical probability models

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