Playing with XSPF and Yahoo! Music Engine

I messed around a bit with Yahoo! Music Engine tonight, which I haven’t had nearly enough time to play with.

I downloaded a bunch of plugins including Yahoo! Photos slideshow, Yahoo! Search, and Surfer. Interesting stuff.

The one that inspired this post was Ian RogersMusicBlogs plugin which lets you pick a playlist and publish it to a public RSS feed on his musicblogs site. The RSS feed contains links to XSPF files, also published on his site. Since XSPF is a sharable playlist format, you can load one (like the one below) into Yahoo! Music Engine and if you are a subscriber to Yahoo! Music Unlimited, you can hear the entire playlist (if you are not a subscriber, you can listen to only 30 second snippets).

XSPF playlist: Live – Throwing Copper

That’s really cool!

Yahoo! Music

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