Yahoo! Photos Easy Upload Tool Now Available for Firefox

The Yahoo! Photos team is proud to announce the release of its Easy Upload Tool for Firefox. This makes Yahoo! Photos the first online photo sharing service to offer a cross-platform bulk upload tool for the Firefox browser.

Now instead of having to upload photos one-by-one, Firefox users can upload up to 300 photos at a time by simply dragging and dropping into their browser. Installing the Easy Upload Tool for Firefox is a snap – it’s only 40Kb in size, compared to 1.2Mb for the ActiveX version.

14 thoughts on “Yahoo! Photos Easy Upload Tool Now Available for Firefox

  1. Can you tell me where to find the link for downloading this Yahoo/Firefox/image uploader??? I have searched and looked on both yahoo and firefox sites and have not found anything even close to an uploader that lets you upload up to 300 pictures at a time… (ps, i bookmarked you site because you have a lot of good ideas and i like you input and advice on all of the programs you have listed… plus I like the pictures of the wedding in Tuscany.. i wish i would have been invited!) (just kidding about the invite, they don’t even know me)

  2. There’s no link to the tool because if you navigate to the “Add Photos” page in an album when you’re running Firefox, it will automatically offer you the option of downloading the extension. Give it a try…

  3. Yes, it works but only the first time. When I try to upload pictures at the same way …. it bugs. Why? And even it don’t ask me if I want to download the program again.

  4. I just add easy upload to my firefox extension and it is not being recognized as installed…

  5. Is there an updated version of the extension which has been zipped to work with firefox 2 RC 3

  6. I too am looking for a Firefox compatible version of this extension.

  7. i tried installing the photo tool but it said it won’t work for ff 2.0. is there a way to get this? i’m trying to upload multiple photos to my mail and also to yahoo photos.

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