Word of the day: Mashup

From Wikipedia:

A Mashup is a web application created using the public interface or API of two or more third party applications.

“Nowadays, there’s a lot of talk about Web 2.0, web mashups, AJAX, etc., which in my mind are all facets of the same phenomenon: that information and presentation are being separated in ways that allow for novel forms of reuse.” -Sho Kuwamoto

“The mash-up part of this equation, is the offspring of an environment where application developers see it in the own selfish interest to facilitate the creation of integrated, yet highly derivative application hybrids by third parties, something they do by providing rich public APIs to their user base.” -Mark Sigal

The etymology of this term almost certainly derives from its similar use in pop music.

Buy $100 of Docker’s clothes and get a free TiVo

Over at TiVoBlog.com, they’ve pointed out that you can buy $100 of Docker’s clothes and get a free TiVo (and 3 months of free service).

Since I could use a few shirts and a TiVo for the bedroom (just for doing the multi-room viewing thing to watch stuff on the TiVo in the living room), this caught my attention.

My wife and I went to JC Penney last night, but alas:

  1. They had a lot of pants but not so many shirts.
  2. The few shirts they did have I found to be atrocious.

I might try another store, since the Docker’s web site seems to have a lot of stuff that they didn’t have (I went to the crappy Vallco store, which was under some pretty serious renovations which may explain the lack of selection).

Otherwise, we may have to look at TiVo’s $50 box after $150 mail-in rebate offer. Or a Slingbox. Or not watching so much TV.

Interesting article on shaving

I just read this interesting article on wet shaving.

I have used a shaving brush for some time and I do think it helps.

$35 badger shaving brush at Crabtree & Evelyn

$35 badger shaving brush at Crabtree & Evelyn

I also use the following shaving cream:

The Art of Shaving, Shaving Cream, Lavender
The Art of Shaving, shaving cream

This cream is glycerine-based (like the article recommends), lathers very well (a little bit goes a long way), and my wife digs the lavender smell.

I’ve never used the Trumper’s stuff (although I am curious about it because I’ve seen good things about it on the Web) so I can’t compare The Art of Shaving to Trumper’s.

Vive Sol

Vive Sol

Vive Sol,
originally uploaded by msabramo.

One of our favorite Mexican restaurants.

We’re here for Nicole’s dad’s birthday.

At the Emergency Room

At the Emergency Room

At the Emergency Room,
originally uploaded by msabramo.

We were just out with Nicole’s parents because it’s Nicole’s dad’s birthday.

Nicole’s dad just got a call about 45 minutes ago on his cell phone from the folks that run the retirement community where his dad lives. Apparently his dad fell and hurt himself so we went to the ER and we’re waiting for him to arrive via ambulance.

Getting “Lost”

On Thursday night, we went out to Blockbuster and got the first DVD of the first season of Lost. On Friday night, we got Chinese takeout and watched the whole DVD (4 hours or 3 episodes, 100-102, because the pilot was 2 hours).

On Saturday, we went to Blockbuster and got the next two DVDs (disc 2 and disc 3), and amazingly, we ended up watching both of them (episodes 103-110). Wow, 8 episodes – I think we’re officially addicted.

It’s a great show. The pilot was positively gripping and had the special effects and production value of a movie. And the show holds your interest because it keeps revealing more details about the characters and about the island, but it keeps adding more mysteries.