Buy $100 of Docker’s clothes and get a free TiVo

Over at, they’ve pointed out that you can buy $100 of Docker’s clothes and get a free TiVo (and 3 months of free service).

Since I could use a few shirts and a TiVo for the bedroom (just for doing the multi-room viewing thing to watch stuff on the TiVo in the living room), this caught my attention.

My wife and I went to JC Penney last night, but alas:

  1. They had a lot of pants but not so many shirts.
  2. The few shirts they did have I found to be atrocious.

I might try another store, since the Docker’s web site seems to have a lot of stuff that they didn’t have (I went to the crappy Vallco store, which was under some pretty serious renovations which may explain the lack of selection).

Otherwise, we may have to look at TiVo’s $50 box after $150 mail-in rebate offer. Or a Slingbox. Or not watching so much TV.

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