Water leak

I got a bunch of calls this afternoon from our downstairs neighbor, saying that water was leaking from our place down into his. I rushed home. I was worried that our kitchen was going to be a giant pool of water, but in fact there was only a small puddle in front of the dishwasher. It was pretty clear that the leak had something to do with our new dishwasher, so we got the installers over and they found out that there was a bad fitting, which they’re replacing right now as I write.

David Allen Company customer service rocks

GtD Fast CD set

Excellent customer service is so rare in this day and age that I just have to point it out when I see it.

I contacted the David Allen Company about a week ago inquiring about a replacement CD for one of the 8 CD’s in the GtD Fast CD set (I had placed mine on my car visor and the felt decided to stick itself to the CD. I attempted to clean it but never managed to get it perfectly clean and scratch-free).

Sure enough they replied via email within 24 hours, saying they’d send one out to me for free and sure enough, yesterday I received my CD in the mail.

How many other companies would blow you off or tell you that you need to purchase the replacement CD or maybe even the entire set?

Thanks David Allen Company. You make great products that I enjoy and you stand behind them as well.

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New dishwasher

New dishwasher

New dishwasher,
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I worked from home this morning so that we could get a new dishwasher installed. The new one is quite a bit more modern and has a working door spring.