Developing Java Applications on Mac OS X with Eclipse

I guess today I’ve just gotten on to a kick of learning new programming tools and environments.

I just did Apple’s Developing Java Applications on Mac OS X with Eclipse Tutorial.

This tutorial was pretty interesting to me because it revealed some more of the power of Eclipse. Here’s an outline of what is covered in the tutorial:

  • Creating a simple Java project in Eclipse from scratch
    • Creating a class in Eclipse
    • Using the Code assist feature
    • Using the refactoring features to move a class to a different package
  • Creating a Java Swing project in Eclipse by importing from an Xcode project
    • Importing a project from Xcode into Eclipse
    • Customizing Java compiler warnings
    • Customizing Java code formatting
    • Using the refactoring features extract a method from some lines of code
    • Using the folding features
  • Creating a Java SWT project
    • How to setup a SWT project and run it

Now I wonder if I can get Eclipse running on FreeBSD… Even better if I could manage to create a Native Eclipse built with gcj. It’s been done on Linux – I wonder if it could be done on FreeBSD…

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