Great Sudoku freeware for Palm

This weekend I discovered, and became addicted to Sudoku.

My family was sitting around the table doing Sudoku puzzles on paper that we had printed out from Web Sudoku and I was sitting there making little pencil marks with the possibilities and then erasing them and making a mess and it made me think how much better it would be if I could do Sudoku on my Treo…

A few minutes later, I had downloaded an excellent, color, freeware Sudoku game from Andrew Gregory. Very nicely done. The color makes it really easy to spot the numbers and there is excellent 5-way navigator and keyboard support on the Treo so that I can just move around and type the number I need to pencil it in or erase it. Hitting the number again marks it as permanent if it’s the only one left and it automatically fills in a number when all of the other possibilities have been eliminated. It’s a little bit hard to describe, but suffice it to say that the UI is very intuitive.

It’s freeware but Andrew asks for donations and I’m definitely going to send him something to thank him for the time he invested in this great app.

Master Sudoku : Step-by-Step Instructions for Players at All LevelsBrown Belt Sudoku (Martial Arts Sudoku)Black Belt Sudoku (Martial Arts Sudoku)

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3 thoughts on “Great Sudoku freeware for Palm

  1. I love Sudoku! If you’re looking for Sudoku books for the plane or something, I highly recommend the Martial Arts Sudoku books. I got the brown belt (hard) edition and I fear the black belt one.

  2. Another great online sudoku game can be found on

    This site is an interesting twist on the ‘Million Dollar Homepage’ idea and has a flash game with four levels from easy to fiendish.

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