Using Bluetooth DUN on my Treo 650 with Mac OS X

I actually set this up a few weeks ago and was meaning to blog about it, but it slipped my mind.

Using the info in this article, I was able to set up Bluetooth DUN on my PowerBook so that I can surf the Web using my Treo’s wireless Internet connection. The speed is actually not all that bad. What’s much worse is that the connection gets dropped a lot, so if I use it for a long time I need to keep reconnecting, which is a pain. The nice thing about it is that I can have Internet access in a pinch even when there’s no WiFi around, like at my in-laws’ place.

Here’s the settings that work for me with Cingular Wireless:

Bluetooth DUN settings for Cingular Wireless

Bluetooth Setup Assistant settings

(The password is “cingular1”).

I show them because what goes in the “Telephone Number” and “Account Name” fields is not so obvious.

Messing around with Anjuta and Fink

I had some trouble getting Eclipse working on my FreeBSD box so I started to mess around a bit with Anjuta yesterday – surprisingly nice-looking C/C++ (GNOME-based) IDE.

So then I thought I’d install Anjuta on my PowerBook so that I could play with it offline. I figured it would be a simple Fink install but alas it was not. It’s only on the unstable branch of Fink and it seems that my Fink was really old and I couldn’t get it to self-update because it insisted that I need gcc-4.0 and I have gcc-4.0.1 (presumably from my recent install of Xcode 2.2?) So I moved /sw out of the way and reinstalled Fink and set it to look for unstable packages and then had it CVS update from the sources and build. It’s been building now for around 12 hours with no end in site… 🙂