Found my watch :-)

So I lost my watch a month, maybe two months ago. I’ve been using the clock on my Treo to make sure I don’t go too long on interviews and such, but it seems rude to constantly look at my phone. I had hoped to find the watch, but since it had been many weeks, I resigned myself to buying another one.

The other day I wanted to check work email from home so I look for my RSA key fob. Can’t find it. I ask my wife and she says she thought she saw it on the couch. I go to the couch and it’s not there, but just in case, I pick up the cushions and low and behold, right next to a piece of stale popcorn, there is my watch! 🙂

Very satisfying. And yes, I found my RSA key fob, but not in the couch but in the previous day’s pants pocket. 🙂

One thought on “Found my watch :-)

  1. We’re swimming in the same gene pool. Actually, we’re treading water, since we’ve lost our floaties. Maybe I should look under the couch.

    In the pool with us are your beloved niece and nephew who have elevated losing things to an art form.

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