Tired of tires

We’ve had bad luck with tires lately.

First, we got a flat in Nicole’s car when we were down in L.A. in August.

Then, in October I had a flat.

And then Thursday night, we noticed that my wife’s car had a flat tire. The bright side is if I’ve gotten fairly good at putting on the spare – yesterday it only took me 10 minutes to get the spare tire on. The service at Pep Boys this time was less than stellar. Even though we gave them our cell phone number, they kept calling us at home. And they didn’t even start on putting the new tire on until we came in and asked them if her car was done yet. Then they put the tire on while we waited in the waiting room and unbelievably, when the car was done they did not come and get us – even stranger, when we got home we realized that they called us and left a message, while we were waiting there in their waiting room!

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