Created a tsocks fink package

I previously posted about how to build tsocks on Mac OS X.

Leveraging that work, I created my first Fink package, a package for tsocks. It’s in the package submission queue waiting for the Fink team to review it. In the meantime, here’s the .deb file that I built.

Creating a fink package is pretty easy and is quite similar to creating a FreeBSD port. I learned how to do it by following the packaging tutorial and browsing some of the Packaging Manual.

4 thoughts on “Created a tsocks fink package

  1. Hey, do you still plan to update/package tsocks for fink? It would be too great, I don’t really feel like having both, darwinports and fink, installed on my machine because my disk space on the system is rather limited – i know it’s half of an argument… Yet tsocks looks really great is hanging there in the queue and i seem to lack the intelligence to make it work ‘on my own’ (i tried with the .deb you packaged)…
    The configuration file i put in /sw/etc/tsocks.conf is simple and looks legit but somehow anything i try to run through tsocks doesn’t seem to use those settings – validateconf and inspectsocks might come to rescue before I publicly embaress myself in public because of some trivial configuration mistake. 🙂

    Thank You,

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