Evolution: Using a SOCKS proxy

Started playing a bit with Evolution today on my Ubuntu Linux system.

The first stumbling block for me was that I wanted to access my work email through a SOCKS proxy and I didn’t see any settings for that in the app. I tried setting up a SOCKS proxy in the GNOME “Network Proxy” control panel, but Evolution didn’t seem to use that.

My solution was to use tsocks.

sudo apt-get install tsocks
tsocks evolution

This should work with any socksifier like tsocks, runsocks, dante, etc.

San Jose Mercury News – Home sales hit 5-year low but Bay Area median prices rise in January

Interesting – this is consistent with our observation that properties seem to be staying on the market much longer.

From San Jose Mercury News – Home sales hit 5-year low but Bay Area median prices rise in January:

Bay Area home sales plunged last month to the lowest level in five years, another signal that 2006 won’t bring a repeat of last year’s sizzling real estate market.

Howard Bloom, an agent with Intero Real Estate who works primarily in Mountain View, said home sellers can no longer expect multiple purchase offers and overbidding. He tells sellers, “Don’t put your house on the market at a price you’re not willing to accept,” he said.

TightVNC on Ubuntu

In case like me, you were looking to install the TightVNC viewer and/or server on Ubuntu and your first guess didn’t work:

$ sudo apt-get install tightvnc
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
E: Couldn't find package tightvnc

try these:

$ sudo apt-get install tightvncserver
$ sudo apt-get install xtightvncviewer

Also see: http://packages.ubuntu.com/breezy/source/tightvnc

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FreeNX on FreeBSD

FreeNX is the new VNC. VNC is so…20th century. The performance of FreeNX blows VNC (including TightVNC and UltraVNC) out of the water. FreeNX is the server component. You actually can use the clients from the commercial NX product from NoMachine (NX technology is commercial, but GPL’d which is why we have FreeNX). I’ve been using the Mac client which is pretty good, except that it seems that if a connection fails, I must exit the program and relaunch it; otherwise the next connection attempt will hang.

There is no FreeNX Windows server, but you can connect to a VNC server with an NX client, using an NX server (including FreeNX) as a proxy, thereby gaining a bit of performance from the NX compression and caching. Thus, in some ways NX and VNC are complementary technologies.

This is roughly what it took to setup FreeNX on my FreeBSD 4.10 box. It wasn’t as easy as simply installing the FreeBSD port, but this might’ve been due to the uniqueness of the environment I was using or because my FreeBSD version is a bit old. I may have missed a step or two or added one that isn’t strictly necessary – if you try it and run into problems, let me know and I’ll try to help.

cd /usr/ports/net/freenx
sudo make install

# Create "nx" user
# nxsetup is supposed to do this, but it wasn't working for me
sudo pw user add nx
sudo pw usermod nx -s "/usr/X11R6/NX/bin/nxserver"
sudo passwd nx

# Test user "nx"
su nx

# Create some directories
sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/nxserver/closed
sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/nxserver/failed
sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/nxserver/running
sudo chown -R nx /var/lib/nxserver

sudo ./nxsetup --install --setup-nomachine-key
sudo ./nxserver --adduser marc
sudo ./nxserver --passwd marc

All You Can Meet

FTD sucks

I ordered flowers for my wife from FTD for Valentine’s Day. It’s two days later and we haven’t received them or got as much as a call about it.

I used a form on their web site to inquire about delivery and it said that they’ll get back to me in 48 hours. I called 1-800-SEND-FTD and the recording said that they are unable to confirm today’s deliveries and that due to the holiday rush, holds times may be an hour or more. Uh, Valentine’s Day was two days ago. It seems to me that either a lot of people get their stuff really late or FTD is deluged with complaints.

Next time I think I’ll just pick them up the old-fashioned way.