TurboTax 2005 for Mac sucks

TurboTax on the Mac seems to be a big pile of garbage.

First as I was importing my investment income from the Internet, I noticed that it downloaded all the correct amounts from my institution but then added duplicate entries for each of my mutual funds with completely bogus amounts of additional income that I have never received. That is fricking scary. Well, so I deleted the garbage and encountered the next problem…

While doing my ESPP sales, I didn’t know the cost basis for one of my sales so I left it blank and hit the button for “Fill in cost basis later”. Now it takes me back to that sale again. Try again – infinite loop. Now I want to go back in and see a list of all the sales so I can double-check them, but it won’t let me. When I click to edit the ESPP section, it drops me directly into the wizard for the sale with the missing basis.

I might just have to give up on it and switch over to a Windows machine.

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