MotivAider® substitute?

The other day I was browsing through the O’Reilly book “Mind Performance Hacks” and it was talking about changing your habits through the use of a simple device called the MotivAider®. Basically it’s a pager-like thing that vibrates at a chose interval in order to remind you to do things. Sounds simple, huh? Unfortunately, the device costs $60! Seems pretty steep for a vibrating alarm clock.

I’m thinking that there must be some simple program that I can install on my Treo 650 that would do the same thing. In fact, I have a few timer programs such as TikTok and 1TouchTimer, but I don’t think either can set recurring timers.

Anybody know some Palm software that would fit the bill?

Mind Performance Hacks : Tips & Tools for Overclocking Your Brain (Hacks)

6 thoughts on “MotivAider® substitute?

  1. Hi Marc,

    We were just discussing MotivAider substitutes on the Mentat Wiki, on the support page for the Exoself hack. I’m on a mobile device and can’t cite the full URL, but visit and you’ll find plenty of alternatives. My current favourite is the Invisible Clock.

    Ron Hale-Evans
    author, Mind Performance Hacks

  2. BTTT as it were? Any progress on this? I’d pay 20 bucks if someone would write a piece of sw that duplicates the functionality of the invisible clock. j

  3. I agree with Pete. The LAST thing most of need are more devices. I am not a programmer, but I am thinking this would be a fun project. (Could it really be that hard?) I would pay for a program that does as the motivaider would on my palm treo. It could be a more high tech version of an exoself if the silly thing would remind me to do stuff randomly.


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