Komodo, a Komodity

ActiveState Komodo is a programmer’s IDE for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows that is tailored for programming with a number of dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl.

I came across this post the other day which gives the promo code kmd3n9-ur8 for getting Komodo Personal Edition for free, but says that the code was supposed to expire Dec. 2005. I gave it a whirl and I was surprised to find that it works.

If you’re interested in Komodo, give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose.

3 thoughts on “Komodo, a Komodity

  1. Thanks! I’ve been meaning to see how it’s improved since I last used it. I’ve been wanting to get Komodo for my developers, as they’re mostly IDE-ites.

  2. Please feel free to use the code. From our director of marketing:

    The code has been reinstated from April 24 to June 6. PC User Australia
    has a current promo where they are bagging last year’s issue of the
    magazine that contained this promo with the issue that’s out now.

  3. there is also a free IDE choice for python – eric- that is something really close to a high end professional IDE
    it is included in one of the official ubuntu repos (i guess the ‘universal’ but i can’t tell for sure actually)

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