The meaning of “Goobuntu”

“Goobuntu” can be loosely translated as “I am what I am because of what Google will be”. The word derives from a bunch of speculative articles in the press that appeared after some Google employee mumbled something about Google using their own distribution of Ubuntu internally. Though Google has stated that this is an internal-only distribution that is only useful to their employees, many speculate that Google will publically release an OS that will forever free the computing world from the reigns of Microsoft, thereby curing world hunger and creating eternal peace and prosperity (ostensibly while also indexing all of your documents on the Internet and sending logs of your activity to the Googleplex in order to create better contextual relevance and monetization). The concept of “Goobuntu” is closely related to:

“Messianic Googlism” – the belief that Google will bring salvation to the world. Some believe that Google is God’s search engine and the source of his omniscience.

“Googoogooglism” – the belief that anything that comes out of Google, however mundane, is fantastic and world-changing. Case in point, Google Ctemplate is believed by some to have the potential to “change the internets” [sic]

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