New bikes, flat tires

On Saturday, Nicole and I bought new bikes from the local bike shop. At first, I thought I could get by with the bike I had, but I noticed that the tires were shredded and the bike had a bit of rust and wasn’t as comfortable as newer bikes. The bike was about 10 years old after all, since this was the bike I bought to ride around at Stanford. And when I saw and rode Nicole’s new bike, I got jealous :-). So I bought a bike as well and Nicole and I both had shiny, new Giant bikes.

The plan was to go for a ride on the nearby Coyote Creek Trail with Nicole’s parents, who purchased new bikes of their own a couple of months ago. Well, ride we did, but after a few miles, Nicole’s dad had a flat tire from a burr that he picked up on the trail, so we headed back. On the way back, we noticed that Nicole had a flat tire as well, also from a burr that was stuck in her tire.

Two flat tires in one day. Especially surprising since all of our bikes were equipped with tires that had Slime tire sealant. While we were in the bike store, I overheard some people talking about kevlar liners that are supposed to be very good at protecting the inner tube (sounds like a good idea to me since kevlar is in bulletproof vests). I think next weekend we’ll head back to the bike store and have the kevlar liners installed on all of our tires.

Any other tips for preventing punctures?

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