Merlin just scored a copy of rare and out of print GtD FAST CD set. This got my attention because my wife bought me the CDs as a gift a couple of years back so I have these CDs, but there are apparently a lot of folks desperately searching for this set, since it’s out of print. In fact, someone who read my blog even emailed me about it a while back.

I’m wondering what the David Allen Company’s stance is on making copies. I wouldn’t want to cheat David Allen out of a dime, but since the CDs are no longer in print, I wonder if they would mind people sharing them? It just seems a shame that so many people want these CDs but can’t have them. I’d like to be able to help, but I don’t want to break any laws or create any hard feelings.

3 thoughts on “GtD FAST

  1. Marc – I’d love to get a copy if DavidCo would permit it. My local libraries don’t have a copy. I’d, of course, cover your effort.

    Thanks very much,

  2. The cool thing to do, would be if DavidCo., set up a little PayPal link to a charity (or even to DavidCo) that for a reasonable price, anyone could download an MP3 of the recordings. Sort of free money.

  3. I am a recent convert to the GTD methodology and I would be interested in purchasing a copy of the GTD Fast cd’s, if you would be so inclined. They are almost impossible to find, yet people say they help tremendously. I have sworn that THIS is the year I get my life in order……hopefully GTD will help.

    Thanks very much for your time,

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