Treo 650/Cingular: atrocious GPRS speeds lately

Has anyone else noticed their web browsing speeds on Cingular GPRS (MEdia Net) have gotten *ridiculously* slow lately? It’s driving me batty. As far as I can tell, the download speed is reasonable, but the upload latency has gotten ridiculously bad. It’s not uncommon for Blazer to be stuck in the “Sending…” stage for 5 minutes. I don’t think I’m being too harsh when I insist that sending 20 or 30 bytes for an HTTP GET request should take less than 5 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Treo 650/Cingular: atrocious GPRS speeds lately

  1. Have you any success w/STUN ? Once I upgrade to the Treo650, I’ll be using the bluetooth feature on the Treo as a wireless modem to access the net.

  2. I have Cingular w/my Treo 650, and up until recently used PdaNet to access the net, getting up to about 150-250K w/a USB connection via my PC.

    The past week and a half, I can now only download at about 40K (Max – often less) and like you, it will sit there and send forever before data even begins coming in. I tried speaking with tech support, and they say it’s a bad phone. ??

    I did everything from a warm boot, to a complete re-install of the 2005 Treo Updater from Palm, and it’s still screwy. I think they are limiting bandwidth. It’s a bit ironic that last month was the only month where I used a huge amount of data, (though I have the unlimited plan) but ironically, now I can’t…

    If anyone else finds their Cingular Service slower lately, it will really be appreciated if you’ll also post here. I want to know if they’re trying to push a new plan, and have decided to get rid of us, “excess babdwidth users.”



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