Free boo-rito

Free boo-rito

Free boo-rito,
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If you’re willing to wrap yourself in aluminum foil

Xen and the Art of Network Maintenance

One of the nice things about Ubuntu Edgy Eft, is that there are packages available that make setting up Xen super easy.

Following the steps at the XenOnEdgy page at the Ubuntu Wiki, I quickly had an Edgy virtual machine (or a “domU” in Xen parlance) up and running. Unfortunately, the page doesn’t cover networking, but it’s actually pretty easy to add. I just added a simple /etc/network/interfaces file that set my machine up to use DHCP:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

It’s amazing how many virtualization technologies are out there these days:

Edgy Eft installed

Everything seems to be fine. In fact, the system seems snappier, although it could be because I removed a bit of cruft while I was resolving dependencies. I’ll have to look more at F-Spot for photos and Tomboy for note-taking. I also went ahead and upgraded SwiftFox to 2.0, using the install script at their site.

MythTV a no-go so far on my Asus S-presso

I’ve tried unsuccessfully thus far to get MythTV (or video4linux for that matter) to recognize the tuner card in my Asus S-presso. According to dmesg, it’s an unrecognized card with a cx88xx chipset. I tried loading the kernel module with various combinations of card= and tuner= values, but with none of them am I able to find any channels with scantv, kdetv, or tvtime.

Maybe another day I’ll power the box down and take the card out and note what chips it has.

I wonder if anyone has ever gotten this card to work.