Pulled the trigger on the TiVo Series 3

The TivoCommunity Store has a 15% off coupon code (TCDEAL) so we decided to pull the trigger and go for the TiVo Series 3 for $680, after the discount. Now we just need an HDTV…

One thought on “Pulled the trigger on the TiVo Series 3

  1. The initial price is a tough pill to swallow, but believe it or not after that you actually save on your cable bill. Either way though, it’s pure digital bliss once you deal with the clowns at your cable company. I highly recommend going out and buying a weakness drive or your own internal drive and adding it. 250GB sounds like a lot, but it’s peanuts. With my 750GB drive I’ve got about 70 progams I’ve picked and 250 Tivo suggestions waiting for me at home each day.

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