MythTV a no-go so far on my Asus S-presso

I’ve tried unsuccessfully thus far to get MythTV (or video4linux for that matter) to recognize the tuner card in my Asus S-presso. According to dmesg, it’s an unrecognized card with a cx88xx chipset. I tried loading the kernel module with various combinations of card= and tuner= values, but with none of them am I able to find any channels with scantv, kdetv, or tvtime.

Maybe another day I’ll power the box down and take the card out and note what chips it has.

I wonder if anyone has ever gotten this card to work.

4 thoughts on “MythTV a no-go so far on my Asus S-presso

  1. I have gotten my ASUS Spresso to have the card recognized with the following issues:

    1) TVTime and MythTV both will not play audio from the capture card.
    2) XawTV will not work at all.
    3) MythTV has very poor quality coming from the card (Everything has a greenish tint to it).

    The steps I used in fixing this issue are in the linked website to this post, and has worked for me, but as stated above, only marginally.

    PS: I use PCLinuxOS, not sure what distro you use.

  2. Hi

    I have the same PC with the default WinFast 2000 card.
    I’m running Fedora Core 7.
    And got MythTv almost fully running on it.
    Just got porblems with the remote.

    Did you have a second go at it?


  3. hey any of you guys know where i can get a replacement power supply for an ASUS S-Presso?

  4. You can get it from, unfortunately they do not ship products outside of the US and Canada so I had to make do with a 1U server PSU which hangs out of the box.

    The ASUS spresso is the most unreliable PSU I ever ran across and the support I got from ASUS was ridiculous.
    I used to be a great advocate of the S-Presso PC, but now I recommend Shuttle, It is not that fully integrated and a bit more expensive but you get a decent support and spare parts.

    Good luck in your quest

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