We’re in HD

Well, our 40″ LCD TV (a Sony KDL-40V2500) arrived yesterday afternoon! I’ve got it basically set up, though I want to redo the cables, including using HDMI from the TiVo Series 3 into the receiver (a Pioneer VSX-82TXS); right now I’m using component cables and relying on the receiver to upconvert from component to HDMI, which I’m using to connect the receiver to the TV.

The quality is excellent on HD content and not too bad for SD content. I’ve also hooked my G4 15″ PowerBook up to the TV via a DVI to HDMI cable and I can display my Mac desktop in 1080i, nice and sharp, though the fonts are small unless you’re pretty close. No big deal as the main reason for hooking the PowerBook up to the TV is to watch HD material (like NBC’s Heroes, which I found pretty good Xvid files for) full-screen in DivX Player. The TiVo Series 3 screens look really nice on this TV too as they are displayed in 720p.

I’ll probably post a bit more about the TV later, after I’ve gotten a chance to play with it a bit more.

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