Vienna: Freeware RSS/Atom newsreader for OS X

Vienna is a freeware, open source RSS/Atom newsreader for the Mac OS X operating system. It provides features comparable to commercial newsreaders, but both it and the source code are freely available for download.


One thought on “Vienna: Freeware RSS/Atom newsreader for OS X

  1. So, have Mac-heads finally acknowledged that they have just completely screwed up the two different OS X themes (and do you really think that users who can’t handle two mouse buttons can handle two themes?)? I mean, what’s an RSS reader doing with the “hardware” look and feel?

    Sorry, but one of my pet peeves is this aura that MacOS has such an “simple”, “easy to use” and “consistent” UI, when the reality is more like “it looks purrrty, so I don’t mind that it’s counter intuitive”.

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