WP-Cache 2

If you’re expecting to get slashdotted or digged or otherwise want more performance out of your WordPress installation, you might try this:


I actually tried it for a few minutes and I didn’t notice a speed increase worth the trouble of not seeing my updates right away. YMMV.

The UNIX-Haters Handbook

I remember seeing this in a bookstore years ago, but I didn’t buy it. Well, now it’s free for download.


Mildly amusing. Some of the critiques are still true; others have long been addressed or are no longer relevant (do people think X is a “disaster” because it’s a resource hog?) and then a bunch of the book is simply humor and trivia.

For all it’s warts, I love UNIX/GNU/Linux and it’s the best choice out there for me. Plan 9 is certainly not going to replace it, at least for me.

More car trouble

Well, I just spent $1500 last month to fix my alternator and a few other things. Recently, a grinding sound became noticeable at idle so I took it to the shop and now they say it needs a new AC compressor for around $1000.

Since the car is a 1995, I’m wondering whether to sink more money into it or to seriously look at replacing it with something newer.

What would you do?

Patch for GNU touch to add -p option, a la mkdir

The other day I realized that often when I’m using touch, I’d like it to have the ability to create ancestor directories that don’t exist, a la mkdir -p. I quickly hacked together a shell script to do what I want.

Then I thought that this might be a generally useful extension to touch, so I thought I’d take a stab at adding it directly to the touch source code in GNU coreutils. Here’s my patch, which I sent to the mailing list:

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