The UNIX-Haters Handbook

I remember seeing this in a bookstore years ago, but I didn’t buy it. Well, now it’s free for download.

Mildly amusing. Some of the critiques are still true; others have long been addressed or are no longer relevant (do people think X is a “disaster” because it’s a resource hog?) and then a bunch of the book is simply humor and trivia.

For all it’s warts, I love UNIX/GNU/Linux and it’s the best choice out there for me. Plan 9 is certainly not going to replace it, at least for me.

One thought on “The UNIX-Haters Handbook

  1. Hehehe. I have the print copy of the book. I thought it was great, though many of the things have since been corrected. And X is certainly not the modern resource hog of this decade… I’ll leave that designation to the office suites…

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