XUL Templates are a Waste of Time (i.e., “suck”)

A long rant on the suckitude of XUL Templates, with a lot of the points ringing true for me:

XUL Templates are a Waste of Time (i.e., “suck”)

Another thing that sucks about “XUL Templates” is the name – it’s so generic that it’s easy to confuse XUL templates, which are a very specific feature of XUL, with XUL itself. XUL is not a bad markup language and it’s the only way to go for writing a Firefox extension, which is what I’m doing now at my day job (working on the del.icio.us Firefox extension). However, XUL Templates and RDF are really tedious and error-prone and less powerful than just using JavaScript and the DOM. I’m almost done replacing a bunch of code that used XUL templates with JavaScript, because JavaScript is so much more flexible.

One thought on “XUL Templates are a Waste of Time (i.e., “suck”)

  1. You should post a snippet of using javascript in place of XUL. I feel the same way about XUL – too clunky.


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