Misspelling my name

Back when I was in college, I got a piece of mail addressed to me with one of the funniest misspellings of my name that I had ever seen: “March Adranowitz”. Today, someone mentioned me by name in a bug report and referred me to “Marc Abramnotitz”, which is also an amusing misspelling.

Hmmm, I guess today must be a “slow blog day”.

1 GB of RAM in our Windows laptop

My wife’s Windows XP laptop has been pretty slow lately and I haven’t gotten around to doing the old Windows ritual of backing up the data and reinstalling Windows from scratch, so I bought 1 GB of RAM from a coworker and installed it Tuesday night.

It might’ve helped a bit, but I think I still need to do the fresh Windows install.

What do you think are the chances that this routine won’t be necessary with Vista?

Web serfer

Recently, I’ve noticed that 99% of the comment spam on my blog is this single message (from a bazillion different email addresses of course)

Actually i am not an active serfer, but this this site is really great, i will spread it through my friends.

I don’t care much, since Akismet is nuking it all with the click of a button. It’s just interesting how hard this bonehead is trying.

WordPress 2.1 released

Read all about it.

I was using WordPress via the Subversion 2.0 branch so I had to do:

svn switch http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/branches/2.1

and then clean up a few spurious merge conflicts.

Interestingly, while writing this post I might have spotted a WordPress 2.1 bug – I had written:

<code>svn switch http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/branches/2.1</code>

but WordPress kept trying to do some linkification or something that screwed up the above svn url and caused the rendering of the post to end prematurely. I worked around this by hiding the URL from WordPress by writing:

<code>svn switch http</code><code>://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/branches/2.1</code>

OS X: VirtueDesktops

VirtueDesktops is a nice freeware app for OS X that does multiple desktops with neat effects including the famous “spinning cube” effect. Easy to use and unobstrusive, you can use hotkeys to switch between desktops and also Cmd+Tab switching automatically switches you to the desktop on which the target app resides. It’s surprisingly nice to simply use it along with Cmd+Tab as it lets you zoom each app on its own desktop and thus reduce screen clutter.

OS X: How to resize an off-screen window?

When I switched from two monitors to one (I have an external monitor at work), one of my XTerm windows was left in a state where it’s resize handle is off-screen. I can’t resize it, nor can I move it, since it’s already at the top of the screen.

Any tips or freeware for fixing this problem?

Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard

Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard is packed with over 300 new features, installs easily, and works with the software and accessories you already have.