Stupid bird

A weird thing happened on the way to work yesterday.

Driving up the 101 freeway, I saw a bit of commotion ahead of me and then swerved a bit to avoid a large bird standing there in the middle of the roadway. I figured that it must be too injured to fly and was probably not going to last too long if it could not take to the air. Glancing in my rear-view mirror, I saw a car behind me come really, really close to hitting it, might’ve even brushed it a bit, and the bird then took to flight and got away. Perhaps the bird was having some difficulty flying but it got a little boost of adrenaline that did the trick?

It’s not every day that you nearly kill something on the freeway.

For any birds who are reading my blog, it’s not a good idea to hang out on freeways. I suggest avoiding them if you can.

One thought on “Stupid bird

  1. Having nearly wrecked my car twice (once nearly into oncoming traffic) trying to prevent Darwin from thinning the wild animal population, I’ve decided that anything smaller than a medium dog doesn’t get a brake. They become a statistic and the odds that the ones that know not to do that get a better chance in the gene pool.

    Larger than that size will require body work later, so I think about it a bit more before attempting to avoid.

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